"I have been coming to Cheryl for over 7 years on and off but about a year ago I decided I was just so unhappy with my body not just the reflection in the mirror but with my general lifestyle. I needed to start being accountable for what I was doing to my body.  I asked Cheryl to help me reach a goal. The goal was to be stage ready in 6 months for a fitness comp.  I not only reached my goal but placed 3rd.  She guided and supported me through my whole journey and was with me every step of the way. 


Cheryl has a true passion for what she does. I didn't realise it then but 12months later I can look back and see the dramatic effect she has had on my life. My whole approach to food and exercise has changed but also my whole lifestyle. She has changed my life in so many ways and given me the tools to keep improving. Its never the same dull routine at the "fun house" its always a surprise and never boring. 


Cheryl is truly invested in each and every one of her clients and helping them improve and push past not just the physical but also the mental limitations we set our selves. Its very personal at Insync your not just another number, your part of a team. "

Amanda Jongedyk, Margaret River, Western Australia



"Cheryl Callard embodies change and I was in the market……! Whilst I had lost some weight I was looking for someone special to help tone and shape my body. Cheryl who is of similar age and hugely successful in her field of Figure Fitness Competition inspired and encouraged me to retrain not only my body but my mind. Cheryl’s Personal Training Studio “Insync Bodies” in Margaret River, otherwise known as the “fun house” was a welcoming place as were her members already training there.  In a short amount of time I was able to walk out onto a stage wearing a posing costume and compete in the ICN Ms Figure Competition. Cheryl’s extensive knowledge around diverse training methods and individualised exercise programs are matched only by her ability to truly care for the welfare of her clients. She has the ability to keep me motivated while pushing me hard enough to achieve fantastic results."

Lorraine Aldridge, Hamelin Bay



"Cheryl's unflappable low key attitude makes her training programs really work for me . I thought gym would be a chore but her innovative sessions not only work they keep you coming back for more . I've lost weight , still eat well and my blood pressure has plummeted. My old t-shirts are now too long and I've thrown out the giant size jeans. Surprisingly, there are'nt any big egos as Cheryl's classes have a great atmosphere no matter how unhealthy you are at the start and I was pretty bad ! "Insyncbodies" facilitated changes in my health that far exceeded my initial expectations. Thanks Cheryl".

Jamie Patton, Busselton, Western Australia




"Cheryl has a good knowledge of women's bodies whch is evident from her own training and competition results.She has helped and supported me to get results.My back has been strengthened, I have lost weight and toned my arms and legs. I did not think I could achieve these results at my age. I am even back running(on the treadmill) which I really enjoy."

Sandy Thomas, Margaret River, Western Australia 




"Intially starting out with Cheryl my goal was to lose weight and tone up. I have now been with her for just over 2 years, after the 1st year I reached my goal of losing 20kgs and 100mls of fat and the 2nd year I have just been in maintenance mode.  I won't say it was easy but with Cheryl she not only customises and organizes your weight routines for you she also is a great motivater, assisting with advice from exersise, eating plans and maintenance.  Group gym sessions made it a lot more fun with a lot of laughter and encouragement for each other.  I could'nt have done it without you Cheryl and congrats on your Miss Universe achievement".
Sharron Ettridge, Busselton, Western Australia


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